JazzArts Summer Camp

Audition Requirements

Jazz Academy Audition Requirements

Once the application materials have been received, students will be assigned an audition time on the date, which corresponds with the applicant’s instrument. Auditions will be held on a date and location to be determined. Auditions are conducted on an individual basis with each slot being approximately seven minutes in length.

Applicants should be prepared to demonstrate the following:

  • SCALES: Major Scales and Chromatic Scale (these scales may be chosen at random by the JAI adjudicators)
  • BLUES: Choose from Sonny Moon for Two (B-flat), Now’s the Time (F) or C-Jam Blues (C) or any standard 12-bar blues form

Optional: Applicants may also choose to demonstrate improvisation on the following:

  • STANDARD: Choose from Autumn Leaves, All the Things You Are, or Beautiful Love
  • LATIN: Choose from Blue Bossa, Song for My Father, Black Orpheus, or St. Thomas

Students will be asked to play the melodies and improvise over their chosen tunes.

RHYTHM SECTION: Rhythm section members will be assessed on their ability to accompany other musicians. Bass players should be able to play the melodies to the tunes, improvise and “walk” bass lines. Guitar/piano players will be expected to play the melodies, improvise and “comp.” Drummers will be asked to demonstrate swing and Latin grooves, improvise and “trade.”


The JAI Jazz Academy programs not only work with advanced jazz students, but also identifies and nurtures talented students with the potential to grow. We realize that preparing all of the above material may be beyond some students’ abilities. To give everyone a chance, students that are unable to prepare the above material may opt to improvise using a blues chosen from those listed above. They will also be asked to demonstrate a major and chromatic scale, which will be chosen at random by the audition judges.


Tuition for the JAI Academy programs are: $325 for 12-week Youth Jazz Workshops and for 2018 JazzArts Summer Camp (TBD). Need-based Financial Aid scholarships are available.

QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR MORE INFORMATION can be directed to Lonnie Davis, at iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 704-334-3900.